Here it has been obvious to introduce 5 achievable goals:

  1. Reduce our business' reliance on paper. Paper is responsible for 14% of all global tree felling. If we cannot avoid using paper 100% of the time, then we make sure that we buy recycled paper and that we also recycle the paper that is used afterwards.

    A switch to a cloud storage solution has solved this problem. Not only will it reduce the waste of buying and using paper, it will also bring a higher level of efficiency that comes with digital solutions.

  2. We encourage our amazing employees to leave the car at home.
    The incentives are that employees can help reduce our total CO2 emissions, eg with home work days (extra bonus: our employees will greatly appreciate the flexibility). Sharing cars is another way employees can reduce their carbon footprint.

    The intention is to spread the message about what we as individuals and as a company can do for the environment and the planet, both within the company but certainly also externally in everyday life.

  3. 444 Studios' employees attend external meetings online
    We consider the travel costs that come with meetings. Why spit even more carbon dioxide into the air than we already do, by driving or flying to all these meetings? We use WeChat, Facetime, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or any other similar digital solution. This is also an invaluable time saver that gives us more time to do the actual work instead of spending time on the gasoline-fueled transportation to and from the meeting.

    If we MUST attend a meeting in person, we strongly consider taking the train instead of the plane whenever possible, or using public transportation instead of the car.

  4. Recycle, or better yet, re-use

    For example, if we have old furniture or other furniture that is no longer in use, we donate to a charity or hand it over to an organization that specializes in recycling that type of material for recycling.

    This also applies to, for example, discontinued items that have been taken off the shelf, these we donate to the right organizations, which distribute them on for real use.

  5. We consider how it can affect the environment before we buy something
    With office supplies, appliances, machinery and equipment, some are less harmful to the environment than others.

    We always go for the environmentally friendly option. We buy eg not just pens. A quick web search comes up with biodegradable pens made from recycled materials. We like to use smart and solar-powered USB chargers, which can also help reduce our energy bills. We have switched to green cleaning and disinfection products. The alternatives release harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde into the air and nature.

    When it comes to heavy items, such as equipment, we always look to see if there are any energy saving features. We also take a closer look at the manufacturer's own commitment to sustainability. Do they have a zero CO2 emissions scheme? Some companies have. The really big companies offer a large selection of products that are designed to be recycled and reused.