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1-24 stk. = 71,20 kr. ex. moms
25-99 stk. = 103,20 kr. ex. moms
100 stk. og over = Gratis levering
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Working conditions and environmental performance at 444 studios' suppliers are ensured with Sedex - Smeta Audit

SMETA is the world's most widespread audit. Companies use META to understand and make improvements to working conditions and environmental performance in their business and supply chain.

  • The SMETA audit is designed to help protect workers from unsafe conditions, overtime, discrimination, low pay and forced labour.
  • SMETA is an audit which helps us understand labor standards, health and safety, environmental performance and ethics within our own operations or at a supplier.
  • Audits are provided by one of Sedex's approved auditing firms and here we or our supplier receive a corrective action plan to help improve performance in these areas.

In short, this means that: Sedex SMETA Audit carries out the investigations on behalf of companies, including for us. We receive an annual report, which can tell us whether the production company complies with laws and guidelines. It is of course only possible to continue our production at the company if they are observed.